Our History

The history of D.J. Manufacturing Inc. is not just that of a company, but also of a family. It all began over 40 years ago, with founders James H. Bays and Donald J. Creamer. Together they opened the company's doors in October of 1964 as a manufacturer of coal mining equipment. At first the company employed three members of the Bays family, James H. Bays, Betty Jane Bays, and Bert P. Bays with Donald J. Creamer being the only individual outside of the family circle. During the sixties and seventies the company grew larger and larger, taking on more employees and more business.

It wasn't until the seventies that three members of the Creamer family began to work with us. Donald's two daughters, Jan and Joyce, along with Joyce's husband were the first members of the Creamer family to contribute to the growth of D.J. Manufacturing Inc.

In 1965, Bert P. Bays was given key responsibilities of the company to ensure the continuation of the company's ongoing growth. During the year of 1974, James H. Bays Jr. also came to work for the company, adding another to the already growing workforce.

In 1978, Donald J. Creamer and James H. Bays, founders of the company, began to settle into semi-retirement. They both remained consultants to the company as well as members of the board of directors. However they turned over the majority of responsibilities to Bert P. Bays and James H. Bays Jr. This ushered in the 2nd generation of leadership and partnership for D.J. Manufacturing Inc. These two shared responsibilities in the company until they dissolved their partnership in 1981 with James H. Bays Jr. stepping down and leaving the company to the leadership of Bert P. Bays.

In the late eighties the third generation of Bays' family began employment with the company: Bert Patrick Bays Jr., Charles Alan Bays, Kimberly Sue Bays, and Carol S. Bays, the wife of Bert Sr. all started in 1988. Later on in 1993 the youngest of the Bays' sons, James Donald Bays, stepped up to take his position in the company.

In the early nineties, all stock of the company had been purchased by Bert P. Bays. Under his leadership, the company has had monumental growth and expansion with both increasing daily. The company currently operates in six bay areas, five offices, and employs nearly 50 people.

The company is not only a place of employment for the Bays family, but also for other families as well. D.J. Manufacturing Inc has been the home to many fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, as well as brothers and cousins, who have all helped this company grow to what it is today; one large extended family. DJ Manufacturing, Inc. is and always has been a family firm. The company is more than just a place to work; it's a home away from home, a family away from family.